Hòa lưới năng lượng mặt trời 1200W SPE LCD



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Hòa lưới năng lượng mặt trời 1200W SPE LCD

Hòa lưới năng lượng mặt trời 1200W SPE LCD

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Hòa lưới năng lượng mặt trời 1200W SPE LCD

DBE EST-1200W Series distributed photovoltaic grid-connected micro inverter designed for indoor installation, suitable for multi-piece flexible component series and parallel connection, the appearance of small, lightweight, widely used in home, small power plants installed with real-time monitoring of the data monitoring system, to improve the power grid the stability and security troubleshooting reduce maintenance costs. Users may need to buy in batches, followed by the installation at any time to expand.

Selection of distributed photovoltaic grid-connected micro inverter power generation systems have a longer life and efficiency improved significantly.



DC Input Parameters 
Recommended PV modules power range(W)1120-14001120-1400
DC input, # of branches11
Maximum DC input(W)12801280
Maximum DC input voltage(V)*85-120/170-22085-120/170-220
MPPT Tracking range(V)65-100/130-17065-100/130-170
Maximum input current (A)1818
AC Output Parameters 
Rated AC Output Power(W))12001200
Maximum AC Current(A)5.4510
AC Voltage(V)220/230120
AC Voltage Range(V)*180-26090-140
AC Frequency(Hz)5060
AC Frequency Range(Hz)*48-5258-62
Other Electrical Properties 
MPPT Tracking Efficiency>99%>99%
Output Power Factor>0.95>0.95
Output Current Total Harmonic Distortion THD<5%<5%
Islanding ProtectionVAC;FACVAC;FAC
Working Status Indication3 Colors LED3 Colors LED
Branch Micro Inverter Connections (Set)*--
Maximum Inverter Efficiency95%95%
Standby Power Consumption (Night)<350mW<350mW
Mechanical Data 
Storage Temperature-40℃ / +85℃-40℃ / +85℃
Operating Temperature-20℃ / +60℃-20℃ / +60℃
Dimensions (length X width X height, mm)304*190*102304*190*102
Weight (kg)5.85.8
Protection ClassIP65IP65
Cooling TypeFan Forced CoolingFan Forced Cooling
Other Features 
Matching SubsystemMonocrystalline, polycrystalline SubsystemMonocrystalline, polycrystalline Subsystem
Communication Type *Optional wireless or power line carrierOptional wireless or power line carrier
Design Operation Life( Years)25 Years25 Years
Electromagnetic CompatibilityEN61000-6-1 /EN61000-6-3EN61000-6-1 /EN61000-6-3
Network Integration Interface VDE0126VDE0126
Safety regulationsEN50178EN50178
* Adjustable according to customer requirements or selected
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